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Our Success

Chapman Environmental Services was founded in 1989. Chapman was initially focused on remediation projects, including the fabrication, start-up and operation of pilot- and full-scale treatment systems. Chapman then built upon this early success and now operates drinking water treatment and distribution systems, wastewater collection and treatment systems, industrial wastewater systems, and active and closed landfills.

Chapman provides integrated environmental management and consulting services, including:

  1. Broad spectrum regulatory compliance services
  2. Permitting and compliance services for water and wastewater treatment systems
  3. Air quality monitoring, permitting and management
  4. Stormwater permitting, sampling and management
  5. Landfill operations including stormwater, gas management, and leachate treatment
  6. AST and UST management and compliance services
  7. Field sampling collection and reporting services

Chapman’s clients are private and public sector organizations ranging from schools and hospitals, to municipalities and counties, to numerous private sector companies throughout New Jersey. Chapman’s Operators, Scientists and Consultants are focused on providing a high level of client service and technical expertise. Chapman has Project Managers, regulatory and compliance experts, licensed operators, and field technicians who form a cohesive team to address all the needs of our growing client base.

Chapman has provided full environmental services in the Tri-State Area for over thirty (30) years. Our team of scientists, consultants and fully licensed NJDEP Operators cover a significant depth of both environmental and operational services.

Chapman has the requisite experience and skill to effectively and efficiently address our client’s unique scope of services.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Chapman has been an invaluable partner in our Municipal Stormwater compliance efforts. Their expert assistance in completing the GPS mapping of our stormwater system has not only ensured compliance but also laid the foundation for improved environmental stewardship. We highly recommend their services to any municipality looking to make a meaningful impact in stormwater management.

A NJ Municipality Client

I couldn’t be happier with the results!I couldn’t be happier with the results! Their team was extremely knowledgeable and professional, and they made sure we were in compliance with all environmental regulations throughout the renovation process. What I appreciated most about their services was their attention to detail. They were thorough in identifying potential issues and took the time to explain everything to us in a way that was easy to understand. They also provided us with solutions to any issues that arose, which was a huge relief.

Commercial facility

I don’t think people truly understand how nice it is to basically have a trusted LSRP
working on your job. Working with the LSRPs at Chapman made our process a million times simpler, less time-consuming, and extremely cost-effective.

Confidential Industrial Client

Our town was extremely worried about the water that was going into the school systems after previous poor results. Obviously, we don’t know how to test the water and ensure that the water dispensed is safe for our kids. We hired Chapman to formulate a Lead Sampling Plan and carry out our testing. They were extremely attentive to detail and understanding of our worries. Fortunately, the water was safe to drink after extensive testing and research. Thank you for having our back Chapman!

Confidential Superintendent

We were struggling with managing the complex environmental regulations and logistical challenges of our healthcare facility, especially when it came to air, water, regulated waste, wastewater operations,and drinking water supply issues. Chapman’s team of experts provided us with the technical know-how we needed, including highly qualified licensed operators for our water and wastewater issues. They also helped us navigate the piles of state and federal regulations that come with our on-site equipment, systems, and operations.

Healthcare facility

I was selling a commercial property that used to be a laundromat when I found out the area was polluted. The team made a concerted effort to remediate the area to ensure I was able to successfully sell the property in a faster time frame. I believe this group of experts has the brains, the tools, and the sincerity to solve any problem their clients need.

NJ Commercial Real Estate Agent