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At Chapman Environmental Services, our team of skilled equipment operators use the latest probing and drilling rigs to provide service for all drilling, injection, and soil sampling projects. With decades of experience offering direct push probing with geoprobe equipment, our capabilities are outstanding within the industry.

More than just a probing and drilling subcontractor — Chapman Environmental Services is your complete site investigation partner. Together, we’ll discuss your site access and investigation, and develop a comprehensive solution based on your unique soil, gas, and groundwater sample collection needs.

Learn more about the probing and drilling solutions at Chapman Environmental Services.

Probing and Drilling Services

Chapman Environmental Services provides the following probing and drilling services:

  • Probing and soil, soil gas, and groundwater sampling via all standard Geoprobe tooling including MC5 (aka “macro core”), MC7, SPS16, DT 2.25, and DT 3.75.
  • Installation of 2” and 4” diameter monitoring, injection, and extraction wells and soil vapor monitoring implants.
  • Monitoring, injection, and extraction well decommissioning.
  • Remedial fluid injections for your in-situ cleanups including limited access situations beneath basements, in garages, in backyards, etc.
  • An air lance set up for clearing unknown/unmarked utilities at active service stations, beneath streets/sidewalks, etc.
  • Chapman Environmental Services is licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

    For further information, a cost proposal, or to schedule your next project involving probing and drilling with Chapman Environmental Services call (732) 291-7773.