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Count on Chapman Environmental Services for Complex Environmental Claims

Clients depend on Chapman Environmental Services for turnkey and practical solutions on complex environmental projects. We bring the experience, knowledge, and expertise in all aspects of environmental investigations and remediations. With first-hand knowledge of the insurance, financial and environmental issues that accompany complex environmental claims, our staff is capable of providing a unique knowledge base to control claims and administer processes as efficiently as possible.

Let Chapman’s team of licensed senior staff interact with regulators on your behalf. Our combined technical and consulting skills, coupled with highly-developed field skills honed by years of hands-on and real world experience, put clients at an advantage. We routinely interact with regulators and understand how best to advise insurance carriers to achieve regulatory goals in a timely cost effective manner.

Work With the Experts

Working with Chapman Environmental Services puts clients at a competitive advantage. Our people are experts in the design and execution of comprehensive environmental investigations and remediations in highly varying geologic, spatial, regulatory, financial, current, and future land use scenarios. With more than 20 years of experience working on environmental claim resolution, we provide industry-leading solutions on all aspects of environmental insurance claim management.
Our relationships with other experts in the field of site construction and forensics allow us to bring these services to an environmental insurance claim project whenever necessary.

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Decades of experience
  • 4,000+ projects
  • Experts in comprehensive environmental investigations
  • Has your project stalled? Have costs begun to spiral? Let Chapman Environmental Services help. We specialize in taking over remedial projects when technology or other non-technical issues have gone off track. Whether the problem is as simple as a deficiency in the basic site characterization resulting in an incorrect Conceptual Site Model, or something more complex, we understand the problems that can interfere with the success of a remedial strategy. Our broadly experienced senior staff can resolve administration issues and build consensus among responsible parties to get your project back on track.

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