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High-quality and cost-effective environmental assessment and remediation

With the evolution of environmental regulations and remediation technologies, Chapman helps clients adjust to these changing conditions and address today’s biggest environmental challenges in a cost-effective and timely manner.

From leaking underground storage tanks to large, complex industrial releases, Chapman has the expertise to go beyond the initial investigation and provide cost-effective solutions.  Chapman has extensive experience in the investigation, delineation, forensic and age-dating strategy development, real-world remedial action development and closure strategies, application of in-situ and ex-situ treatment technologies, and remedial action implementation and long-term operation.

The key to our services is that our experience with all phases of the investigative and remedial process allows us to specifically design our delineations, forensics and age dating in the context of the financial and likely emergent remedial strategies that will be needed to achieve our clients goals.  This approach is crucial and sets us apart from others who often generate data “in a vacuum” and thereby unknowingly create more problems than are solved. Moreover, because we are keenly attuned to the regulatory and potential long-term strategic and financial implications that may result from our early recommendations, we do not waste time and money in collecting data that does not advance an economic resolution for our clients.  We know this is a subtle and rather sophisticated distinction, but it is foundational to our approach and key to our ability to provide superior services to our clients.  This is what distinguishes our service from others.

Specific technical expertise includes:

  • Contaminant fate, transport and delineation
  • Mass-based, risk driven remediation
  • Environmental forensics and age dating
  • Regulatory representation and negotiation
  • Insurance claims liability management
  • In-situ and on-site groundwater and soil treatment
  • Phase I and II site investigations and baseline assessments
  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Decommissioning and demolition services
  • Remediation of soil and groundwater under existing structures