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Chapman’s team of talented scientists, licensed operators and consultants regularly provide field sampling and collection services for our customers, the Regulated Community.

Our clients depend on us to prepare and manage their Field Sampling Programs in accordance with their specific permit requirements.  Our staff can assist your facility with the collection of drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, groundwater, and air samples.

Whether it’s a complicated list of drinking water parameters which change from month or month or rain event stormwater sampling for individual discharge permits, our customers rely on Chapman’s team for long-term management of their environmental permits.

Chapman, Inc. maintains an NJDEP Certified Laboratory (NJDEP Lab ID # 14025) which allows our staff to field analyze and report for Dissolved Oxygen, pH and Temperature.

Parameter Matrix
Status Approved Method Technique Parameter Code
Oxygen (dissolved) NPW Certified SM 4500-O G-11 Membrane Electrode NPW04.00230
pH NPW Certified SM 4500-H B-11 Electrometric NPW04.00380
Temperature NPW Applied SM 2550 B-10 Thermometric NPW04.00490


All samples collected by Chapman personnel follow the prevailing Regional Authority’s sample collection guidance material.

In New Jersey, NJDEP regulated sites and Chapman’s sampling procedures abide by the Field Sampling Procedures Manual (last updated April 2011).

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