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We Take Care of Your Plant Like It’s Our Own

Chapman, Inc. provides environmental service in operating and maintaining treatment plants for:

  • Research facilities
  • Institutional, commercial and municipal sanitary systems
  • Active/inactive industrial pretreatment and manufacturing
  • Superfund remediation
  • Former manufactured gas plants
  • Brownfield development
  • Landfill leachate and landfill gas control

Our motto is: “We take care of your plant like it’s our own” and we have a top-notch team to deliver that care. From a simple low volume process to a complex high output plant, we have licensed operators on stall that are ready to establish preventative and predictive maintenance programs to keep your treatment plants and equipment operating as intended.

A Full Range of Services

With the historical influx of contaminated site discoveries, remedial investigations and regulatory treatment process oversite, Chapman progressed into remediation projects involving fabrication, startup and operation of pilot treatment systems and eventually permanent systems requiring licensed operators. Our services then expanded to operation and maintenance of water and wastewater, landfill gas flare and leachate, industrial and sanitary collection and treatment systems/facilities.

Our Experienced Team

Our operations staff of Project Managers, Licensed Operators, Assistant Operators, Field technicians and Laborers is our greatest asset… and we promote their individual growth and knowledge. By applying their hands-on expertise, we have achieved great success in bringing non-compliant processes into compliance, turning problem plants and process designs into maintainable, effective systems. Our focus has been on thoughtful, consistent, personalized service, giving great attention to stability and sustainability for various treatment processes, from the simple to the complex.

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