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Operating and Maintaining Water Systems

Chapman has taken over operation and maintenance of some plants that have gone well beyond their useful life and may have suffered from neglect.  Chapman develops an organized Work Plan for the problem plant, communicates it to the owner and measures and reports the progress. We begin by identifying and listing every component in an electronic database: pumps, electric motors, brushes, aerators, blowers, valves, actuators. . .etc.  If we don’t already have them in our database/library, we locate manufacturers’ O&M manuals and service bulletins.

Using this information along with regulatory permits, we identify the essential tasks that must be done first for corrective maintenance.  We report to the owner on the condition/functionality of the equipment and provide an estimate of the repair costs to bring the plant into an effective operational condition.  We compile a list of tasks for ongoing preventive maintenance, environmental compliance, training, health & safety, and other relevant tasks.

System Operation

Chapman develops operational controls and processes for our clients’ facilities to ensure maximum performance, balancing innovation with caution to maintain stability.

Health and Safety

Every employer should have a written “plan” to prevent injury and illness. Our SHOP (Safe and Healthy Operating Procedures) manual is written to prevent injury and illness and encourage safety and health.

System Maintenance

We use an enterprise-wide computerized maintenance management (CMM) system based on client equipment, recommended preventive maintenance, and proven troubleshooting techniques.

Financial Records & Control

All project costs are carefully monitored, controlled and reported in detail. You’ll always have a clear understanding of costs.

Asset & Records Management

Equipment is registered, maintenance is scheduled, work orders are issued, reports are delivered, and permanent records are maintained in our enterprise-wide asset management system.

System Evaluation

We use preventive maintenance, employ troubleshooting/diagnostic instrumentation, and offer creative, practical solutions.

Industries We Serve


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