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Operating and Maintaining Water Systems

At Chapman Environmental Services, we specialize in operating and maintaining water treatment facilities. Our staff holds NJDEP Drinking Water Licenses ranging from Very Small Water Systems (VSWS) to high-level water treatment and distribution licenses and stays up-to-date with changing Federal and State regulations to ensure that your facilities maintain compliance.

Leveraging our expertise, we develop comprehensive work plans tailored to each facility’s unique challenges; this includes meticulous documentation of every component using electronic databases and manufacturer-provided manuals. Furthermore, we prioritize corrective maintenance tasks to ensure compliance with regulatory permits and conduct comprehensive equipment condition assessments. Additionally, we provide thorough and transparent reports with cost estimates for necessary repairs.

System Operation and Maintenance

We implement a variety of operational controls and processes to optimize facility performance while prioritizing health and safety through our SHOP (Safe and Healthy Operating Procedures) manual. We utilize facility-wide computerized maintenance management systems (CMM) to streamline preventive maintenance, troubleshoot equipment issues, and ensure compliance with NJDEP’s drinking water program.

We prepare full operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals, including specialized monitoring plans, for your treatment system that meet NJDEP’s requirements and provide logs and forms to maintain easily accessible records for enforcement inspections.

Financial Records & Control

Transparency is paramount in our financial management practices. We continually monitor, control, and report on project costs, helping us provide our clients with a clear understanding of expense allocations.

Asset & Records Management

We maintain detailed records of equipment registration, scheduled maintenance, work orders, and reports within our facility-wide asset management system. This ensures accountability and facilitates efficient decision-making for long-term asset management strategies.

System Evaluation

At Chapman, we employ preventive maintenance techniques and diagnostic instrumentation to assess system performance proactively. Our team offers creative, practical solutions to address operational challenges while optimizing facility efficiency.
By integrating expertise in water treatment operations, regulatory compliance, and proactive maintenance strategies, we can ensure the sustainable and effective management of water systems for our clients.

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