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Loss Prevention and Loss Control Services

Chapman provides environmental Loss Prevention and Loss Control services to help protect your operations and your assets from potential environmental exposures. Chapman has the experience to create, develop and implement a risk assessment program to identify environmental liabilities for all in-house assets so that small issues do not become large issues.

Chapman also provides emergency spill response compliance services. We can represent your interests when dealing with the direct aftermath of an environmental incident. Accidental releases of chemicals and petroleum products are an unfortunate occurrence in our industry.

Many State Regulatory Authorities have mandatory notification requirements regardless of how small your spill was if it has impacted a sensitive environmental area. Chapman can help navigate the notification, cleanup and compliance response procedures following these spill events.

Industries We Serve

Solid Waste

Leachate collection, on-site remediation, wastewater discharge, flares, and methane collection systems are all currently being maintained, monitored and operated by Chapman’s talented field personnel. [...] Read more

Healthcare Facilities

Air, Water, Regulated Waste, Wastewater operations and drinking water supply issues all are routinely encountered and managed at our healthcare facilities. [...] Read more

Public and Private Utilities

Our local and regional utilities serve as critical infrastructure ensuring clean water is provided to our user base and clean water is discharged to our most sensitive environmental areas. [...] Read more