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Consistent and Practical Air Quality Consulting Services

Chapman is proud to offer our clients consistent and practical consulting services with respect to Federal and State Air Quality & Permitting Topics. Our areas of expertise include: Title V Operating Permits, NJDEP Emission Statements, Greenhouse Gas Reporting (GHG), Deviation Reporting, Netting Analyses; Full Service Area and Major Source Air Permitting, NJDEP RADIUS permitting program capable, CEM Systems and stack testing; air quality and air permitting services for a diverse client base.

Air Permitting services include area source and major source permitting. Continuous NJDEP Air Quality Permitting Program interactions throughout this timeframe. Skills include site-wide equipment audits, preparation of pre-construction and general permits, as well as assisting facilities in maintaining compliance with permitting requirements.

Chapman’s capabilities in air compliance and permitting also extends to stationary engines and their unique operating scenarios. Specific to operating stationary engines for economic means, Regulatory Agencies typically enact their most stringent requirements against these types of installations. Changing the “designation” of an engine from emergency to steady state can have an immediate and drastic effect on the corresponding air permit and which types of testing the regulated person or permit holder must complete.

Chapman has experience managing air permits and overseeing the stack testing requirements associated with these types of engines and installations.

Industries We Serve

Public and Private Utilities

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Municipal Clients

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Solid Waste

Leachate collection, on-site remediation, wastewater discharge, flares, and methane collection systems are all currently being maintained, monitored and operated by Chapman’s talented field personnel. [...] Read more