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Chapman Environmental Services is proud to have served the regulated community for over 30 years in the Tri-State Area. Chapman offers a diverse range of environmental management and consulting solutions, with a notable specialization in Air Quality Consulting and Air Permitting Services.

Our integrated services cover everything from regulatory compliance to permitting for water and wastewater treatment systems, addressing the varied needs of clients across New York and New Jersey. Backed by a dedicated team of scientists, consultants, and licensed operators, we deliver efficient and tailored solutions to meet each client’s requirements.

We guarantee the highest level of compliance with air permitting requirements while providing exceptional customer service throughout all our services.

Unmatched Expertise in Air Permitting Across Diverse Areas

Title V Operating Permits

We support our clients and handle the complexities of Title V Operating Permits, ensuring that large sources of air pollution are meticulously monitored and reported. Our expertise ensures timely renewals and modifications to keep your facility operating within regulatory frameworks.

Annual Emission Statements

With precision and attention to detail, we manage and compile annual emission statements as part of each region’s rigorous air quality management efforts. Our experience accelerates the accurate reporting of pollutants, positioning your facility as a responsible member of the industrial community.

Testing Services:

Our precise testing ensures regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. With reliable data, your facility can meet environmental standards and enhance performance. Chapman’s qualified field scientists can help support your operation and compliance efforts with portable emission testing for contaminants such as Methane (CH4), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and others.

Major/Area Source Evaluation

We conduct thorough evaluations to determine compliance status and guide regulatory actions for major and area sources of air pollution. Our expertise ensures that your facility meets regulatory requirements and operates responsibly within the community.


Navigating the NJDEP RADIUS Permitting program is our specialty, ensuring efficient and accurate acquisition of necessary permits for your facility. Trust us to handle the complexities of permitting, allowing your operations to proceed smoothly and legally.

Deviation Reporting

We assist in reporting deviations from permit requirements, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulatory standards. Our thorough reporting processes help maintain trust with regulatory agencies and demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Industries We Serve

Commercial and Industrial

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Municipal Clients

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